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Calligraphy on place card
Calligraphy by Keiko at work
Teaching and demonstrating at Kaetsu Cen
in-store calligraphy service

Keiko Shimoda was born in Kobe, Japan, started to learn Japanese calligraphy 4 years old age. 

Came to visit UK in 1995, saw handwritten manuscripts in British Museum Reading Room, started to take evening classes and workshops to learn alphabet calligraphy. 

In 2001, had a year work experience in Calligraphy and stationery studio in Greenwich, London, decided to stay more - and still here now! A member of SLLA, SSI and taking lots of learning courses and workshops in UK.

Became a freelance calligrapher in 2010, for both western alphabet and Japanese. Worked in many film sets or in front of the customer at many events. Clients list include top fashion brands like Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry, Aspinal, many hotels for events or graphic design offices to provide digital images. Enjoy working with other professional calligraphers in London still but now I have moved my base to Cambridge. Teaching both western and Japanese calligraphy.

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